Wednesday, September 17, 2008

National Marrow Donor Registry Drive

National Marrow Donor Registry Drive

The National Marrow Donor Registry pairs potential donors up with patients who need life-saving bone marrow transplants. However, there aren't nearly enough potential donors. Usually there is a $52 testing fee associated with the HLA testing to be registered in the Registry, but until September 22 the fees will be sponsored through Nascar. If you have ever thought of registering, or even if this is the first you have ever heard of it, please go read the information and seriously consider becoming a registered donor today.

First go to www. marrow. org

On the right side of the screen, under the cord blood box is a box that says "Events" Click on the link that says "Nascar Foundation Drive." About 3/4 of the way down that page, you will click on "join online now." Then finish filling in the paperwork and the Promo Code will automatically generate.
I know it is a couple of extra clicks, but please don't let that deter you from joining!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I have been a bad blogger & a freebie

It's been awhile, and for that I apologize. I tend to do that a lot in my life. I will start doing something and then just stop...I guess I do a lot of things just to see if I can. I used to make birdhouses, it was something I was really good at. I made 6 or 7 of them, gave them to family and then quit making them. I guess part of it could be that I have to be in just the right mood too.

I also moved one of my sisters here from Georgia, that makes 3 of us that live here now. It's nice to have them so close again. Now we just have to see what the youngest is going to do.

We went camping last week out at Cloud 9 Ranch...It was fabulous! So peaceful, I wish we could have stayed longer. Here are some photos from our trip...

I could have stayed here forever, believe me I considered

My youngest son inspired & helped create todays freebie. He is always outside finding bugs, spiders, snakes, all kinds of He knows more about these things than anyone I know, which makes me very proud as a mom.

This is an earth snake he found one day while at my sisters house.

Here is todays freebie...A mini kit called Mud & Bugs
You can download it HERE
Please leave me some love if you DL.=)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Part of my journey has been to be ok with how I look and get more photos of me...I don't want my kids and grandkids to have to wonder what I looked like.

I am getting better... I usually don't let people take pictures of me, especially if I don't have my hair done and make up on...If I did see pictures of me un made up I deleted them.
These were taken the other day, and I am happy with them...I was having a bad hair day and had no make up on... lol but I am ok with that, it's the "real" me.

I am not 100% comfortable with this... But I am letting others see it, and that is a huge step for me.

This is my girl Maggie...I had to throw this one in here too...=) This is what she does after our Good thing the bed is a king.=P

Here is a LO I did with one of the photos...

Papers and flower Love actually by Mónica Guerra Leiria
Brackets Bracket me baby by CznyDesigns
Luck word art by me (Kathy-PSPR)
Staple All tied up By CanDesigns

Monday, March 10, 2008

Fabulous Day!

I have had a great day, I have not felt this good in a very long time.
I have been eating better & exercising now for about 2 weeks, I have not lost a lot of weight but I know I have lost inches and am starting to gain a lot of muscle. I am just feeling so much better about myself. I am happy and so energized...and I am sleeping better.=)

I made this LO the other day for the ADSR challenge I had so much fun making this and love the way it turned out!=)

(Image is linked)

Credits: "Interview with a Bunn"

Q. How do you feel when you get turned on?

A. I get really hot and steamy.

Q. How often do you get turned on?

A. At least twice a day, sometimes more.

Q. What time of day are most turned on?

A. In the mornings.

Q. What do you normally have in you?

A. A dark, strong French.

Background,doodles,Glitter Splat - Girly Girl By CanDesigns

Antique word bubbles - By Kris Myers

WA,Charm - Mermaids Heart By CanDesigns


Thank you to everyone who has downloaded my wordart and left love! Y'all are the best!=)
Here is the "Love wordart" again in .PNG format...I am sorry to all of you who could not use it.
I am new at this and did not realize.
All of my files from now on will be saved in .PNG format.
Thank you to Karla for pointing it out.=)
You can download the Love wordart HERE

(the link should be working now, 4-shared is getting bombarded this week so it may take some time)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

St. Paddy's day Freebie

I can't even tell you how overwhelmed I was with the amount of love and support I got with my last freebie...I am still in awe.
With much encouragement and shoving at times...;) lol My favorite designer & best friend ever (CanDesigns) =) has given me the inspiration for this freebie with her new kit "Shawn Patrick" found only at Stone Accents Studio

St.Paddy's day wordart can be downloaded HERE... Enjoy and please leave me some love...makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.=)
(Saved in .png format)

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